Getting The Creative Juices Flowing

Upon deciding to really give this blog my all, I made a subsequent decision to try some activities designed to get my creative juices flowing. By that I mean, to inspire me to create! I plan to add to the list and try different things to see what I truly enjoy most but here is a list of a few things I’m starting with.

  1. READING. Let me just be brutally honest and say up front, I’m not a big reader. I prefer to watch content rather than read it but reading increases knowledge and brain power, period! So, I’m setting a goal to read at least one new book per month that is aimed at fueling my creativity or gaining knowledge in an area that I am passionate about and want to write about in the future. In addition, I plan to review each one on my blog so that others who are interested can see the benefits for themselves.
  2. BULLET JOURNALING. As you can tell from my post about bujo which you can find here, I’m very new to it and don’t know yet if it’s for me. If you know much about it you might be asking why I would pick this as a creative outlet when it’s an organization system? Well, many bloggers are getting really artistic with the decoration of their journals using everything from calligraphy to washi tape and stickers, to watercolor paints. So, it truly can be a creative outlet and while I’m not the best artist in that respect, it’s worth a shot. Besides, practice makes perfect. Who knows how much practicing those skills might come in handy in the future, not to mention I love that kind of thing! I’m just not very good at it…yet!
  3. ADULT COLORING BOOKS. You may think that sounds silly, but they have become very popular as a means for relaxation. Basically, they’re just coloring books but tend to have very detailed patterns that require more precision than your average toddler’s coloring book. They usually have illustrations of animals, flowers, paisley patterns, tattoos, anything that might appeal to a slightly more mature audience, but nothing crude (that I know of). I ordered a coloring book recently and a set of color gel pens (both of which I will blog about later on) so that I can have some fun and see what inspiration hits me.

I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned and how I’m feeling after trying these different avenues for inspiration. I hope that whatever I gain, might be helpful to you as well. Stay tuned!